Why a Trello Content Bank?

Why a Trello Content Bank?

There are plenty of places you can collect and categorize your content, but very few have all the power that Trello has in helping you quickly and easily create a solid library of your body of work.

With Trello, you can categorize and label in many different ways — and you will need to for best results, as you will see in the next section.

Trello can easily accommodate text, images, video, links, and connect to big storage heavies like Google Drive and Dropbox.

With Trello’s labels, checklists and calendar features, your content goes from being just a piece of content to being a living, breathing digital asset ready to be plucked from, say, a blog post, right into a high-converting funnel.

How? Because you are spending your time re-using and re-purposing your already sweated-over and created content and re-structuring it into a new and shiny product ladder or email campaign, or whatever you need.

It’s like having the exact right pieces of Legos ready to go.