Is this for you?

This course is for the multipassionate entrepreneur with a real life.

A normal, messy, not-Instagram-ready life, filled with inconvenient realities like changing schedules, demanding family members, clients that don't respond on time and work that doesn't care that it's a Sunday morning.

It is for the smart multi-faceted individual who doesn't want to use five different systems for the five different areas of their life.

It is for you if you want a single control centre that shows you your ENTIRE life at a glance, so you can make informed and timely decisions on where to invest your time and brain power for best results across all your roles: entrepreneur, parent, volunteer, craftsman and budding musician.

Why Trello?

Everyone knows about Trello.

We all know you can have cards, and lists, and boards, and labels and .... ALL THE THINGS.

And that's part of the trouble.

Trello is so flexible, that you can easily get caught up in organizing the work and life, instead of actually doing the work.

Trust me -- organizing actually feels like real work, but it's not.

Nobody cares if you had your spices organized in alphabetical order.

They care that they can eat.

Totally Trello is an execution-focused course that wants you to cook and eat, and have just enough organization in your spice rack that you can eye ball everything you have at your disposal.

This course is for you if you are pragmatic, want to get stuff done, and want a system that works with all the different parts of your life.

And is pretty.

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